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In the Name of God
The Compassionate, the Merciful

Cultural Agreement
The Islamic Republic of Iran
The Republic of the Philippines

 The Governments of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Republic of the Philippines desirous as they are to the consolidation of the friendly relations and the expansion and development of mutual cooperation in cultural, scientific and educational fields, decided to sign this agreement.

Article 1:

 The contracting parties shall try through all possible means to expand mutual cultural relations and shall their efforts to acquaint their own people with the culture and civilization of the other party.

Article 2:

 The contracting parties shall encourage and facilitate mutual cooperation in cultural, scientific, technical, educational, artistic and other related fields, and for this purpose, they shall take the following measures:

 A). Exchange of books, publications, photographs, slides, tapes, films and microfilms in the field of education, science, history, culture and arts.

 B). Exchange of artists and art groups in the areas of mutual consent.

 C). Cooperation between the national libraries and archives of both countries.

 D). Provision of necessary facilities for the visits of scientists, researchers, students, members of cultural associations and youth organizations of the two countries, to the historical monuments and touristic sites, libraries, museums and other cultural institutions, of each country.

 E). Holding of various exhibitions, such as national and traditional arts, tourism, scientific, literary and historical works.

 F). Holding film and cultural weeks and delivering speeches.

 G). Participation in seminars, conferences and national and international festivals, held in both countries.

 H). Inclusion of useful and correct information regarding the history, culture and the geography of each other in their respective textbooks.

Article 3:

 The contracting parties agreed that for the purpose of cooperation and close contract between their universities, scientific, technical and educational institutions, cultural and artistic organizations, they shall encourage the exchange of professors, scientists, experts, researchers, lecturers, teachers, students and the educational experts and provide the necessary facilities for this purpose.

Article 4:

 The contracting parties in accordance with their current rules and regulations shall encourage the establishment of the friendship and cultural relation associations in their respective country in order to introduce the culture of other party.

Article 5:

 The contracting parties shall encourage the granting of scholarships for study, research and training to each other’s citizens within the context of their respective laws and regulations.

Article 6:

 Both sides through the exchange of educational information, documentation, and establishment of joint expert committees shall take measures for the assessment of each other’s educational certificates, based on their respective laws regulations.

Article 7:

 The contracting parties shall cooperate with each other in the campaign against illiteracy, particularly through the exchange of information, experience and expert.

Article 8:

 The contracting parties, while promoting cooperation between their sports organizations, shall encourage the exchange of the latest scientific sports information and experiences, and facilitate the participation in the international tournaments and seminars held in each other’s countries.

Article 9:

 The contracting parties, while respecting the national and religious beliefs and principles of the other side, shall encourage and facilitate the cooperation between radio and television, cinematography, press and news organizations and institutions of each other.

Article 10:

 The contracting parties shall encourage and facilitate tourism between the two countries, which is an effective means for the establishment of mutual understanding between the two nations.

Article 11:

 The contracting parties, in order to facilitate the implementation of this agreement and carrying out all matters related to the cultural cooperation of the two countries shall send their respective representatives to each other’s countries.

Article 12:

 For the purpose of the implementation of this agreement, both sides shall take measures to formulate a bilateral cultural exchange program and shall establish, when necessary joint commissions for the revision and conclusion of aforementioned program. They shall meet alternately in each other countries.

Article 13:

 The contracting parties shall ratify this agreement according to their internal laws and regulations, and this agreement shall be effective from the date of the last notice of its ratification by each side.

Article 14:

 This agreement is valid for a period of five years from the date of its effectivity, and shall be automatically extended every five years, unless one of the two parties, at least six months prior to the expiry of this agreement, inform the other party in writing of its intension to annul or revision of its provisions.

 Done in the city of Tehran on 11th March 1995, (20th Esfand 1373) in two original copies in Persian and English language both of which are equally authentic. In case of any divergence in the interpretation of this agreement, it shall be settled through the diplomatic channels.



       For the                                                                                               For the
  Government of the                                                                       Government of the
Islamic Republic of Iran                                                                         Republic of
                                                                                                        The Philippines

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