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Webinar on "Studying the issue of achieving peace in Palestine from Human Rights perspective”
Webinar on "Studying the issue of achieving peace in Palestine from Human Rights perspective”
Webinar on "Studying the issue of achieving peace in Palestine from Human Rights perspective”
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a group of Iranian academic elites and top talents in science met with Imam Khamenei.
a group of Iranian academic elites and top talents in science met with Imam Khamenei.
On November 17, 2021, a group of Iranian academic elites and top talents in science met with Imam Khamenei. During this meeting, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution after hearing the remarks made by the academic elites and scholars, stressed on the destructive role colonialism has always played in keeping other nations back by trying to persuade them “to ignore their talents.”
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درگذشت نابهنگام آقای قولی معاون بین الملل سازمان فرهنگ و ارتباطات اسلامی
درگذشت نابهنگام آقای قولی معاون بین الملل سازمان فرهنگ و ارتباطات اسلامی
ارتحال ناباورانه برادر عزیز جانباز جناب آقای اکبر قولی معاون توسعه روابط بین المللی سازمان فرهنگ وارتباطات اسلامی، همه ما را به سوگ نشاند
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درگذشت نابهنگام آقای قولی معاون بین الملل سازمان فرهنگ و ارتباطات اسلامی
درگذشت نابهنگام آقای قولی معاون بین الملل سازمان فرهنگ و ارتباطات اسلامی
انا لله و اناالیه راجعون رایزنی فرهنگی با کمال تاسف درگذشت نابهنگام همکار و دوست عزیزمان آقای قولی معاون بین الملل سازمان فرهنگ و ارتباطات اسلامی را تسلیت عرض نموده و از درگاه الهی ضمن طلب مغفرت و رحمت واسعه برای روح آن عزیز سفر کرده ، برای خانواده محترم ایشان و همه دوستان و همکاران معزز صبر و اجر جزیل مسئلت می نماید. الفاتحه مع الصلوات
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Talumpati ng Cultural Adviser bago ang Friday Prayer Sermons ng Maynila
Talumpati ng Cultural Adviser bago ang Friday Prayer Sermons ng Maynila
Masaya ako na nadalaw ko kayong muli. Nagpapasalamat ako sa mga pinuno at mga kaibigan ko dito sa Golden Mosque para sa koordinasyon at pag aayos ng pagbisitang ito. “ Masayang araw ng Biyernes” Ngayon ay nasa panahon tayo ng pagsilang ng ating mahal na Banal na Propeta ng Islam.
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Imam Hassan Askari (AS)
Commemoration ceremony of the martyrdom of Imam Hassan Askari (AS)
Commemoration ceremony of the martyrdom of Imam Hassan Askari (AS)
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webinar on "Better Recovery for a Fair and Sustainable World."
Considering that peace, tranquility and security are among the most important and key blessings of God, in the shadow of which human societies reach perfection and excellence, and according to the interpretation of Islamic texts, it is a path that leads to light and enlightenment, and since one of the attributes And the letters of God Almighty are "security and peace" and this word is repeated by every Muslim several times a day in his prayers and the Holy Quran calls paradise the place of peace (Dar al-Salam), and due to the importance of re-emphasizing the religion of Islam as A pro-peace rite, the delegation agreed to respond to the invitation of other members of the UNIHARMONY PARTENERS, a community of Christianity, Buddhism and Hinduism in the country
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Message of Imam Khamenei on the occasion of the 2021 Hajj rituals.
Message of Imam Khamenei on the occasion of the 2021 Hajj rituals.
Message of Imam Khamenei on the occasion of the 2021 Hajj rituals.
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Message of Supreme Leader
Defend of Islam
Message of Supreme Leader: Defend of Islam
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Anniversary of Demise of Imam Khomeini (rah)
The significant of Culture from Viewpoint of Imam Khomeini (rah)
MANILA TIMES Remembering Iran’s revered founder ByIza Iglesias, TMT June 15, 2020 To commemorate the 31st death anniversary of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s revered founder, the Cultural Section of its embassy in the Philippines hosted an online discussion on “The Significance of Culture and Dialogue in Imam Khomeini’s Thought” on June 5. In this file photo form February 2, 1979, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini (center) is greeted by supporters in Tehran, Iran. AP FILE PHOTO Led by Iranian Ambassador Alireza Totonchian and Cultural Counsellor Morteza Sabouri, National Commission for Culture and the Arts Executive Director Al Ryan Alejandre and Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) Chairperson Margarita Moran-Floirendo joined the conference, along with academicians and representatives of various religions in the Philippines. The late Ayatollah Imam Khomeini, regarded as one of the most influential thinkers in the contemporary period, believed that if cultural problems are addressed and man is educated properly, all other problems will be solved. For him, culture plays a significant role in the development of human beings and in the formation of a cohesive and progressive society. Intercultural dialogue, therefore, is key in promoting global harmony and peace. “In Imam Khomeini’s perspective, the culture of every nation and society is the foundation of happiness, dignity, independence and the honor of that society; [so that] the dignity of every nation must be sought in culture. Culture is a sign of a nation’s identity, independence and all-round life. Acquiring and maintaining cultural and intellectual independence is a sign of the life and power of a society. The destruction of a culture is the destruction of a nation,” Sabouri said in his opening speech. “So from the viewpoint of Imam Khomeini, undoubtedly, the highest element that is fundamentally involved in the existence of any society is the culture of that society. In his perspective, culture in its all aspects in society has a key role for that society. He had a special viewpoints about culture in education, family, arts, politics and international affairs and of course intercultural dialogues [so that] the place of culture in Imam Khomeini’s thought is very high and significant,” he added. Ambassador Totonchian, on the other hand, cited proof of Imam Khomeini’s principle on culture in significant developments that unfolded during his leadership. “Under the wise leadership of Imam Khomeini, the Islamic revolution accomplished great achievements in various fields including cultural, social and political. During the bipolar superpower system dominating the second half of the twentieth century—in which political, economic and cultural influence in the world was held between two states — the revolution in Iran in 1970’s and its huge impacts affected the world order,” he began. “What is unanimously believed is that the Islamic Revolution has been a cultural revolution. Thanks to its global presence, the Islamic revolution, in fact, revealed to the world that in the management of the Islamic system, religion, the manifestation of which could be traced in Islamic culture, plays a key role. “Understanding the essence of culture has been a crucial issue in the endurance of the Islamic revolution. Culture, actually, has been the primary element of our society and has even overshadowed the politics,” he continued. The ambassador added that despite its various definitions, culture — in the thoughts of Imam Khomeini — enjoys an in-depth wide spectrum including all behaviors and viewpoints. “Imam Khomeini was of the opinion that if cultural issues are addressed and man is educated properly, all problems will be settled. With such a broad approach towards the Islamic culture, Imam is of the opinion that true training won’t be possible if the true Islamic culture and the recognition of the dangers are not taken into consideration.” The ambassador also reiterated how culture and cultural dialogue have always been important to Imam Khomeini who encouraged exchange among various religious cultures. “Culture, like any other social phenomenon, relies on interaction for survival and improvement. This interaction or the so-called dialogue among various cultures is a must for nations. It creates a horizon for a new world to be dominated by amity and peaceful co-existence, where all humanity becomes united. In such a situation, differences among various cultures, instead of widening the gap among nations, will bring them closer together. Imam has always invited people to listen and examine the viewpoints of others,” he shared. Focusing specifically on the Philippines’ relationship with Iran, the ambassador continued, “In such an atmosphere originated in Imam Khomeini’s thoughts, Iran and the Philippines have enjoyed in-depth relations over the past decades. Accordingly, cultural interaction and dialogue among our two nations have always been, and will be, a priority for the governments of our two friendly countries.” In response, CCP Chairman Floirendo acknowledged, “For the past decades, there has indeed been a renewed enthusiasm to take the bilateral relations to new heights. Recognizing that strong consular cooperation between the two countries can help build a robust foundation for enhanced cooperation in other fields.” Paying tribute to Iran’s late leader, she concluded, “Cultural diplomacy has become an intrinsic and necessary component of the bilateral relations between Iran and the Philippines. As Imam Khomeini once said, culture is the basis and pillar for political and economic issues. Although there are points of cooperation between the two countries, culture remains the epicenter, the heart of this partnership. So today, both Iranian and Filipino peoples have to look into their relations in futuristic ways and find an independent and coherent approach to further strengthen these cultural connections.”
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Anniversary of Demise of Imam Khomeini (rah)
Speech of Ayatullah Aluzma Khamenei
{site-title} Imam Khamenei This is the nature of the U.S. governments, a policeman kneels on a black man’s neck until he dies Jun 3, 2020 Print The ceremony commemorating the anniversary of the passing away of Imam Khomeini (r.a.) - the great founder of the Islamic Revolution - which used to be held annually at his resting place with masses of people attending, was broadcasted live due to the Corona pandemic. On the 31st anniversary of the demise of Hazrat Imam Khomeini, Imam Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, referred to the chaotic condition in the US following the murder of another black man by American police and stated, “A police officer putting his knee on a black man’s neck and pushing until he dies shows the nature of the American governments.” In his televised speech on Wednesday, the Leader of the Revolution stated that what is being witnessed today in US cities and states is the disclosure of a reality that was always kept concealed. He emphasized, “Today’s situation is in fact like the slime at the bottom of the pond that has risen to the surface.” Imam Khamenei pointed out that such crimes have frequently happened in the past, and the Americans have done the same things in many countries including Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and other such countries. Referring to the slogan of “I cannot breathe,” which the American people have been chanting in recent days, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution stated, “This is what the nations that have been the victims of US’s oppressive usurpation want to say from the bottom of their hearts. By God’s favor and grace, the US has been disgraced as a result of its own actions. Their management of the Coronavirus brought them to disgrace, and their weak handling of the situation caused them to have several times as many casualties as other countries. The American people feel embarrassed and ashamed of their government.”
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Speech of Ayatullah Aluzma Khamenei about QUDS
• Print The following is the full text of the speech delivered on May 22, 2020 by Imam Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, on the occasion of Quds Day. In his speech on the occasion of International al-Quds Day, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Khamenei, considered the dawn of the Islamic Revolution in Iran and the subsequent emergence of the Resistance Front to be factors that have impeded the "Zionist virus." He stressed the fact that the Zionist regime, the worst human evil, will be uprooted from the Middle East despite being supported by the United States and its minions, in the not-too-distant future. Without a doubt, the Zionist virus, which is the record holder of human evil, won’t last long, and it will be uprooted In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the worlds, and His peace and greetings be upon Muhammad, upon his pure Household, upon his chosen companions and upon those who follow them until the Day of Judgment. I extend my greetings to all the Muslim brothers and sisters throughout the world and I congratulate them in advance on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr. I also pray to God to accept their worship acts and servitude in this Holy Month of Ramadan, and I thank the Benevolent Creator for the blessing of being present in this month of this divine banquet. Today is Quds Day, a day created - thanks to Imam Khomeinis (r.a.) intelligent initiative - to unite Muslims on the issue of Holy Quds and in support of the oppressed people of Palestine. It has played an important role in this regard for several decades now, and God willing, it will continue to do so in the future as well. Nations welcomed Quds Day and considered it to be a religious obligation to hold up the flag for Palestine’s liberation. The main policy of the Arrogant Powers and Zionism is to push aside the issue of Palestine in the minds of Muslim communities and to cause it to fade into oblivion. The most urgent responsibility in this regard is fighting this treachery, which is conducted by the enemy’s political and cultural mercenaries in Islamic countries. The truth is that an issue as important as Palestine is not something that the pride, self-esteem and increasing intelligence of Muslim nations will allow to sink into oblivion, even if the Americans, other domineering powers and their regional minions use all their money and power to achieve this goal. First, I would like to highlight the magnitude of the tragedy of the occupation of Palestine and the formation of the Zionist cancerous tumor in that country. Among crimes against humanity in recent times, there is no crime that equals this crime in terms of scope and gravity. Occupying a country, permanently driving its people out from their homes and their fatherland, and continuing this historical oppression for decades using the most horrifying forms of murder, crime, destruction of farmlands, and genocide – this is indeed a new record in brutality and wickedness. The main agents and criminals behind this tragedy are the western governments and their satanic policies. The day when the governments who had won the war in the First World War were carving up West Asia – namely, the Asian territories of the Ottoman Empire – among themselves at the Paris Conference as spoils of war, they felt the need for a safe stronghold in the heart of this region more than ever in order to guarantee their permanent hegemony. Years earlier, through the Balfour Declaration and conspiring together with Jewish plutocrats, the British had prepared the ground for the innovation of Zionism to carry out this role. And now the practical groundwork was in place. During those early years, they gradually prepared the preliminaries, and finally, after the Second World War, they used the opportunity created by the negligence and problems of the regional countries and dealt their blow. They announced the creation of the bogus regime, the nationless Zionist state. The primary target of this blow was the Palestinian nation and secondarily all the other nations in the region. A look at the events that followed in the region shows that the main, short-term goal that westerners and Jewish company owners pursued by creating the Zionist regime was to build a stronghold for their permanent presence and influence in West Asia and also to gain easy access for the opportunity to interfere, coerce and dominate over the regional countries and governments. Therefore, they equipped the bogus and occupying regime with various kinds of military and non-military tools of power, even with atomic weapons, and their plans included the growth of this cancerous tumor from the Nile to the Euphrates. Sadly, after their initial struggles of resistance, some of which were praiseworthy, the majority of Arab governments gradually succumbed. Particularly after the United States took charge in this matter, they forgot their human, Islamic and political responsibilities and their Arab pride. With delusional hopes they contributed to the enemy’s goals. The Camp David Accord is a clear example of this bitter historical fact. After brave sacrifices and struggles in the early years, resistance groups were gradually pulled to the path of unsuccessful negotiations with the occupier and its supporters. They abandoned the route that could have led to the realization of the Palestinian dream. Negotiations with the United States and other western governments, and also negotiations with useless international groups, were bitter, unsuccessful experiences for Palestine. Holding out an olive branch at the United Nations General Assembly had no result other than the injurious Oslo Accords, and it led to the eye-opening fate of Yasser Arafat. The dawn of the Islamic Revolution in Iran opened up a new chapter in the struggle for Palestine. From the first steps – namely, driving out the Zionist elements who considered Iran of the Pahlavi period to be one of their safe strongholds – to delegating the unofficial embassy of the Zionist regime to the Palestinian representative, stopping the flow of oil, other great achievements and widespread political activities. All of these measures brought about the emergence of a front of resistance in the entire region. The hope of solving this issue flourished in hearts. The emergence of the resistance front presented the Zionist regime with increasing problems. God willing, the Zionist regime will encounter even more problems in the future. However, the efforts of the supporters of that regime – with the U.S. in the front – increased sharply in order to defend the Zionists. The emergence of the faithful, young, self-sacrificing force of Hezbollah in Lebanon and the formation of highly-motivated groups such as Hamas and Islamic Jihad within the Palestinian borders unsettled and alarmed not only the Zionist ringleaders but also the U.S. and other aggressive western powers. After and in addition to their support of the occupying regime with weapons and propaganda, they added recruiting from within the region and from within Arab society to the top of their agenda. Today the result of their voluminous work is obvious and in plain view, revealing itself in the actions and words of certain leaders of Arab governments and certain treacherous political and cultural Arab activists. Today, both fronts engage in various activities in the arena of struggle. The difference between them is that the resistance front is moving with increasing power and hope, and it marches on towards attracting increasing elements of power, while the opposing front of oppression, unbelief and arrogance is growing more hollow, hopeless and powerless by the day. A clear manifestation of this assertion is the fact that the Zionist army—which was once considered to be invincible and lightning fast, one that would stop the aggression of two great armies in a matter of days— is currently forced to retreat and accept defeat against popular forces in Lebanon and Gaza. Nevertheless, the arena of struggle is volatile and full of dangers. It requires constant vigilance, and the objective of this struggle is very important, fateful and vital. Any kind of negligence, inattention or mistakes in fundamental calculations will inflict heavy damage. Therefore, I would like to offer some advice to all those who have strong feelings for the issue of Palestine: 1- The struggle to liberate Palestine is Jihad in the way of God, and it is an obligation and an Islamic goal. Victory in such a struggle has been guaranteed, because the person who is fighting, even if he is killed, will receive “one of the two excellent things; [Quran 9:52] .” Apart from this, the issue of Palestine is a human issue. Driving out millions of human beings from their homes, farmlands and places of business, and doing so through murder and crimes, troubles everyone’s conscience and it inspires opposition in everyone who enjoys courage and determination. Therefore, restricting this to be merely a Palestinian issue, or at best an Arab issue, is a grave mistake. Those who consider the concessions made by a few Palestinian elements or rulers of a few Arab countries as a license to sidestep this Islamic and human issue are making a grave mistake in understanding the matter, and perhaps they are guilty of betrayal for distorting the truth. 2- The aim of this struggle is the liberation of all the Palestinian lands – from the river to the sea – and the return of all Palestinians to their homeland. Reducing this struggle to the formation of a government in a corner of the Palestinian lands – particularly, in the humiliating way that is mentioned in the discourse of shameless Zionists – is neither a sign of righteous struggle nor a sign of realism. The truth is that today millions of Palestinians have achieved a level of thinking, experience and self-esteem such that they can focus their efforts on this great struggle in the way of God and be certain of divine assistance and the ultimate victory. “Surely God will help him who helps His cause; most surely God is Strong, Mighty; [22:40].” Undoubtedly, many Muslims throughout the world will support them and share in their struggle, God willing. 3- Although using any halal and religiously permissible means, including global support, is allowed in this struggle - it is absolutely essential to avoid trusting western governments and international groups that are covertly or overtly dependent on them. They are opposed to any effective entity of an Islamic nature. They have no regard for human rights. They themselves are the cause of the worst harm and crimes against the Islamic nation. Which international entity and which criminal power is currently being held accountable for the assassinations, the mass murders, the warmongering, the bombings and the human-made famines in many Islamic and Arab countries? Today, the world is counting one by one every victim of the coronavirus across the globe, but nobody has asked who is responsible for the hundreds of thousands of martyrdoms, imprisonments and disappearances in countries where the U.S. and Europe have waged wars. Who is responsible for all the unlawful bloodshed in Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya, Iraq, Syria and other countries? Who is responsible for all these crimes and for the occupation, destruction and oppression in Palestine? Why didn’t anyone count the millions of oppressed children, women and men in the world of Islam? Why doesn’t anyone extend their condolences for the mass murder of Muslims? Why should millions of Palestinians spend 70 years away from their homes and in exile? And why should Holy Quds, the first Qiblah of Muslims, be desecrated? The so-called United Nations is not fulfilling its function and the so-called human rights organizations are dead. The slogan of defending the rights of women and children excludes Yemeni and Palestinian women and children. This is the current condition of the oppressive western powers and dependent global organizations. The disgrace of certain regional governments that follow them is beyond words. Therefore, a proud and pious Muslim society must rely on itself and its internal forces. It must raise its powerful hand and remove obstacles by relying on and trusting in God. 4- The important point that must not be ignored by the political and military elites of the Islamic world is that the policy of the U.S. and the Zionists is to transfer conflicts to behind the frontlines of the front of resistance. Staging civil wars in Syria, the military siege and constant killings in Yemen, the assassinations, the destruction, the creation of ISIS in Iraq and other similar things in some other countries in the region are all machinations to divert the attention of the resistance front and to provide opportunities for the Zionist regime. Some Muslim politicians knowingly, and some others unknowingly, have contributed to these machinations of the enemy. The main way to prevent these machinations is for the proud youth throughout the world of Islam to seriously make this demand. Young people in all Islamic countries, particularly in Arab countries, must pay attention to this advice from Imam Khomeini (r.a.), “Vent all your shouts on the U.S.” and of course, on the Zionist enemy. 5- The policy of normalizing the presence of the Zionist regime in the region is one of the main policies of the United States of America. Certain Arab governments in the region, which act as the minions of the U.S., have been preparing the ground for this normalization by establishing economic ties and the like. These efforts are completely vain and futile. The Zionist regime is a deadly, cancerous growth and a detriment to this region. It will undoubtedly be uprooted and destroyed. Then, the shame will fall on those who put their facilities at the service of this policy of the arrogant powers. To justify such disgraceful behavior, some people argue that the Zionist regime is a reality that the region must come to terms with. They forget that it is necessary to fight and destroy fatal and harmful realities. Today the coronavirus is a reality and yet all wise people agree that it is necessary to fight it. Undoubtedly, the long-lasting virus of Zionism will not last much longer, and it will be uprooted thanks to the determination, faith and pride of the youth. 6- My main advice is to continue this struggle and to better organize the organizations for Jihad work, their cooperation and to expand the areas of Jihad inside Palestinian territories. Everyone must assist the Palestinian nation in this holy struggle. Everyone must contribute to the Palestinian fighters and stand behind them. We will proudly do everything in our power on this path. One day we came to the conclusion that the Palestinian fighters had piety, pride and courage and their only problem was that they had no weapons in their hands. With divine guidance and assistance, we planned and the result was that the balance of power was transformed in Palestine, and today Gaza can stand against the aggression of the Zionist enemy and defeat it. This change in the equation in the occupied lands will bring the question of Palestine closer to the final steps. The Palestinian Authority has a great responsibility in this regard. One cannot communicate with a savage enemy except through force and from a position of power. Thankfully, the ground has been prepared for the brave and resistant people of Palestine to gain this power. Today, the Palestinian youth are yearning to defend their dignity. Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Palestine and Hezbollah in Lebanon have been a proof for everyone. The world has not forgotten and will not forget the day when the Zionist army broke through the Lebanese borders and marched to Beirut or the day when a criminal murderer by the name of Ariel Sharon caused a bloodbath in Sabra and Chatila. It has not forgotten and will not forget the day when the same army pounded by Hezbollah had no choice but to retreat from the borders of Lebanon and beg for a truce after sustaining heavy casualties and admitting defeat. This is what full hands and a position of power means. Now let that European government, which should be eternally ashamed for selling chemical agents to the regime of Saddam Hussein, designate the devoted honorable Hezbollah as illegal. Illegal is a regime like the U.S. that creates ISIS and a regime like that European government whose chemical agents caused the death of thousands in the city of Baneh in Iran and the city of Halabja in Iraq. 7- My final word is that Palestine belongs to the Palestinians; therefore, it should be run as they wish. The referendum - with the participation of all Palestinians of all religions and ethnicities, this is what we have been suggesting for almost two decades - is the only solution for the challenges which Palestine is facing at the present time and in the future. This proposal shows that the western accusations of anti-Semitism which have been repeated time and time again are completely unfounded. On the basis of this proposal, Jewish, Christian and Muslim Palestinians will determine together the political system of their country by participating in a referendum. That which should definitely go is the Zionist regime since Zionism is a bizarre innovation which has been fabricated in the name of Judaism and is totally alien to that religion. I would like to close this speech by remembering the martyrs of Quds, including Sheikh Ahmad Yassin, Fathi Shaqaqi, Sayyid Abbas al-Musawi, Martyr Soleimani, the great Muslim commander and the unforgettable face of resistance, and also the great Iraqi Mujahid Martyr Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis. I extend my greetings to the soul of the great Imam Khomeini (r.a.) who opened the path of dignity and Jihad for us. I also ask God the Exalted to bestow His mercy on our late brother, Hussein Sheikh al-Islam who for years worked diligently on this path. In the end, I would like to remind all dear viewers and listeners that this years Quds Day is the first Quds day in which our dear Qasem Soleimani is not present. Please recite the chapter “The Opening” (Al-Fatiha) and the chapter “The Unity” (Tawhid) for him one time. May God’s greetings and mercy be upon you.
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Viewpoints of Imam Khamenei about Palestine and Quds
Imam Khamenei speeches about Palestine and Quds published as a book.
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Letter of the President of ICRO
Letter of the president of ICRO to HON Religious Leaders
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Speech of Ayatollah Khamenei about New Year 1399.
Speech of The Supreme Leader
Increasing production continues to be the key point in the new year • Mar 20, 2020 • Print The following is the full text of the message issued on March 20, 2020, by Ayatollah Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, on the occasion of Nowruz, the Iranian New Year. In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful O’ Conqueror of hearts and sights O’ Planner of night and day O’ Transformer of power and conditions Transform our condition to the best of conditions! This year, Nowruz has coincided with the martyrdom anniversary of Hazrat Musa ibn Ja’far (God’s greetings be upon him). Thus, it is appropriate to begin my statements with a recitation of part of the salawat for that great personality: “Oh God, send Your greetings to Musa ibn Ja’far, who is the successor to the righteous, the leader of the pious, the treasury of light and one of prolonged sajdahs, abundant tears and plentiful prayers. Dear God, send Your greetings to his fathers and to his pure, immaculate and infallible children. God’s mercy and blessings be upon him.” I wish to congratulate all the dear people of Iran on the auspicious Eid ul-Mab’ath and on Eid-e Nowruz. In particular, I would like to congratulate the esteemed and honorable families of martyrs, the disabled war veterans, their patient and diligent family members, and the jihadists in the arena of health – who have performed brilliantly in recent weeks – and all diligent servants of the country who have undertaken part of the task in such difficult circumstances and who are busy rendering services in a sincere, enthusiastic and motivated manner in cities, in villages, on roads, on the borders and in each and every corner of the country. I congratulate all of them: May you have a happy Nowruz! I also wish to send greetings to the immaculate soul of our magnanimous Imam and the pure souls of the martyrs. I deem it necessary to express both my congratulations and my condolences to the families of the martyrs of the year 1398: whether the martyrs of defending the holy shrines and the martyrs of defending borders, especially our dear and great martyr – Shahid Soleimani, his companions and Shahid Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis and his comrades as well as the martyrs of the Kerman incident, the martyrs of the airplane incident and the martyrs on the path of health. The latter are people who achieved the high rank of death and martyrdom in the way of God while they were rendering services to patients. I would like to express my condolences to their families and congratulate them on this eid and on the position of their children. I believe that all these incidents will turn out to be to the advantage of the Iranian nation. I will expand on this matter in a moment. The year 1398 was a tumultuous year for the Iranian nation. It was a year that began with the floods and that ended with the Coronavirus. Throughout the year too, various incidents happened to the country and to some people in the country: incidents like earthquakes, sanctions and the like. The peak of those incidents was the terrorist crime committed by the US, which was the martyrdom of the well-known Sardar of Iran and Islam, Shahid Soleimani. Throughout the year, the people had a large number of difficulties. The year passed like this. Therefore, it was a difficult year. However, the important point is that as well as such hardships, there were a number of achievements some of which were unprecedented. The Iranian nation shone brightly in the true sense of the word. In the floods which occurred at the beginning of the year, pious and determined people rushed towards flood-stricken provinces, cities and villages in order to help the people there. Our dear people – old and young – created a beautiful scenery by going to the flood-stricken areas. They washed the homes which were covered with mud and filth. They took the furniture out and washed it for the people in those areas. They did something to mitigate the hardships resulting from the flood for the people there. And following the great martyrdom of our dear martyr, the people launched a great movement by showing their presence – tens of millions of people – to the world. The gatherings that formed in Tehran, Qom, Ahwaz, Isfahan, Mashhad, Tabriz and Kerman were gatherings that are usually not seen in any part of the world with such large numbers and such motives. It was also unique in our own history. Popular presence and enthusiasm and the fact that the people showed what things they are attached to, was very important for the reputation and dignity of the Iranian nation. Regarding the recent disease – the spread of the Coronavirus – the sacrifices made were so dazzling that even foreigners felt obliged to admire them. Primarily, these acts of sacrifice were made by medical groups, physicians, nurses, assistants, managers and the staff working in hospitals. Alongside these people, there were volunteers from among the people, students, the clergy, Basijis and various individuals who helped the medical staff and who nursed patients. All these phenomena are a source of dignity and reputation. The people rushed to the help of physicians and doctors. There were also support groups, some of which offered their factories and even their houses with the aim of manufacturing the products needed for patients or for the masses of the people- products such as gloves, masks and the like. And there were public service groups such as the people who engaged in disinfecting streets or the places which are frequented by the people. Or the youth who decided to help the elderly by going to their door and doing their shopping for them. I can also mention the people who prepared goods and gave them to the people for free, including free gloves and masks. And some people helped salesmen and shopkeepers by not asking for rent. They said that the rent could be delayed and other such services rendered by the people. These are beauties that manifest themselves amidst difficult events. The Iranian nation showed its virtues through these groups and these tasks, some of which I referred to. I genuinely and sincerely thank all the individuals whom I referred to and I want them to know that divine rewards – both worldly and otherworldly – awaits them. Well, this was a difficult test. The tests of the 1398 were difficult ones, but overcoming and passing through such difficulties with good spirits makes a nation powerful. A nation will not reach anywhere with self-indulgence and simply seeking comfort. It is by confronting the difficulties and keeping one’s morale up in the face of difficulties that a nation will be successful. Thankfully, the Iranian nation has mastered this and it will continue to do so from now on too. This is what gives power and credit to nations. There is another noteworthy point in the face of these incidents – including natural incidents like floods, earthquakes and the like, the incidents fabricated by foreigners such as sanctions - as they make us pay attention to our weaknesses - and our natural weakness because they help us know that there is no room for arrogance. We are all weak and vulnerable and the weaknesses that we face in the natural course of events – and the fact that we should know our weaknesses. We should avoid being arrogant and negligent, pay attention to God and ask Him to help: “He who calls anyone other than you will be disappointed. He who asks anyone other than You for help will suffer a loss and he who goes to the door of anyone other than You will be full of want”. These are the prayers of the month of Rajab. You should only go to the door of the Divine House, if you go to any other house you will return disappointed, if you stretch out your hand to anything other than God, you will return empty-handed. All causes in existence are Divine causes – He is the Cause of causes. You should work with these causes, use these causes, but ask the Most High for the results and effects. This is another point. As for the year 1399 which is about to begin, first of all, we ask Allah the Exalted to render this year the year of great victories and we ask the Imam of the Age - may our souls be sacrificed for him - who is the captain of this ship, to help his country reach the shore of salvation and to help and support the pious people of Iran. And I would like to say to the Iranian nation that as they confronted various events in a courageous manner and with good morale throughout all these years – not only in the year 1398 – they should confront subsequent events with hope and by keeping up their morale as well and they should rest assured that bitter events will pass: “Verily, with every difficulty there is relief” [The Holy Quran, 94: 6]. Relief will surely await the Iranian nation. There is no doubt about this. There are some people who think that there is a shortcoming of duties in some organizations of the country, but I do not agree with this. I am witnessing this up close and I see that everyone is busy working hard. Everyone is working within the scope of their capability. Scientific and research groups, social activists, and executive and judiciary officials are all busy working in different ways. Allah the Exalted will bless all these endeavors and will help the nation get through this difficult pass, safe and sound and with honor, God willing. As for the slogan of the year, the year 1398 was the year of boosting production and I will tell the Iranian nation that this slogan was welcomed in practice. In the beginning, experts welcomed it, saying that production was the main criterion, but it received a warm reception in practice as well. According to reliable reports that I have received, the production of the country moved forward. Some of the factories that had stopped working and that had closed down returned to work and in the case of those which worked below their capacity, they increased their capacity. Knowledge-based companies entered the arena and various organizations made good endeavors as a result of which, production was boosted. The issue of research which is the fountainhead of production was seriously pursued in the country and we witnessed instances of that. Well, these tasks have been carried out in the country and it is not the case that no work has been done. However, what I want to say is that what has already been done is not even one-tenth of what the country needs. Of course, “one-tenth” is not a hard statistical figure, but I estimate it to be around one-tenth. This means that we need to do ten times more work – including research, work related to production and various other tasks – so that boosting production can exert its effects in the lives of the people. In the year 1398, production was roused and it moved forward, but its effects in the lives of the people were not yet tangible. We should make production reach a point where it can influence the people’s lives. Of course, the economic issues of the country are many. There are issues such as reforming the banking system, the customs regulations, the taxing system and improving the business environment and other such issues, but the role of production is a unique and peerless one. Considering the large market that exists inside the country, if we manage to boost production, the main activity will be in our domestic market with our eighty-million population, despite the fact that production needs foreign markets. Of course, we can interact with foreign markets as well. If we can move production forward, God willing, economic problems will definitely come to an end and the sanctions that they imposed will prove to be to our advantage. Of course, they have inflicted some damage until now, but they have also generated profits as well because they have made us think about our own resources, about manufacturing products and about satisfying the needs of the country through relying on domestic resources. This is very valuable to us and by Allah’s favor, it will continue. Therefore, we continue to need production. Last year’s slogan was “Boosting Production”. This year, I want to say that we need a further surge in production - as the slogan of the year. This year is the year of “Surge in Production.” This is the slogan of the year. Officials should act in a way that production will witness a surge, God willing, and that there will be a tangible change in the lives of the people. Of course, this requires planning. The Planning and Budget Organization, the Islamic Consultative Majlis as well as its research center and the judiciary branch have a role, each in a different way. The judiciary branch has a part to play as well. Knowledge-based companies and young and innovative organizations, which are thankfully large in number, have a role to play as well. Throughout the year – the year 1398 – and the year before that, I had very good and valuable meetings with some of them. I saw them and listened to them up close. They are youth who are interested in working and who are really hopeful, energetic, motivated, talented and creative. Such groups of people thankfully exist and they should participate in planning. This task should move forward with planning, God willing. May all of you have a happy new year and a happy Eid ul-Mab’ath. I hope that you will receive Divine attention and that the Iranian nation will increase its spiritually and strengthen its spirit of paying attention to God and supplicating to Him on a daily basis. Greetings be upon you and Allah’s mercy and blessings
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Letter of The Supreme Leader
Imam Khamenei Today’s events reflect the emergence of a unique phenomenon in the world Jan 25, 2020 Print Imam Khamenei issued a message to the 54th meeting of the Union of Islamic Students’ Associations in Europe. The following is the full text of the message, which the Leader of the Islamic Revolution issued on January 23rd and which was read in Vienna this morning (Saturday). In the Name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful, Dear youth in the Union of Islamic Students’ Associations, This year, your meeting is being held at a time when important events are taking place. Each of these manifests in some respects the greatness and reliability of Islamic Iran and its revolutionary nation. The martyrdoms, the show of our military power, the unparalleled presence of the people, the youth’s strong spirit and determination, thousands of groups that are active in science and technology, as well as a religious and spiritual feeling among a large proportion of the young people across the country, all reflect the emergence of a unique phenomenon in the world. This is a phenomenon, which can have a profound and determining effect on history in the future. The second phase of the Islamic Revolution should be able to bring this phenomenon to its full potential and achieve great results, with God’s grace and power. Our hope and expectation in this vital movement are from the knowledgeable, wise, faithful youth, and you can be one of these select, history-making figures. I wish you great success. May Allah’s peace and mercy be upon you. Sayyid Ali Khamenei January 23, 2020
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Speech of Grand Ayatollah Khamenei
Speech of The Supreme Leader
The attack on Al-Asad by the IRGC abolished the prestige and awe of the US • Jan 17, 2020 • Print This Friday, January 17, 2020, the political-religious ceremony of the Friday Prayers in Tehran was led by Imam Khamenei - the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution - for the first time after 8 years. In his sermons, Imam Khamenei addressed the nation regarding the two past eventful weeks and opened his speech by stating, “There is a very meaningful verse, like the other verses of the Qur’an, in Chapter Ibrahim. My talk today is about this verse and the verses following it. In this verse, Prophet Moses is ordered to remind them of the ‘Days of Allah,’ or by means of the ‘Days of Allah’ remind them of God, God’s religion and the Day of Judgment. Then, Almighty God announces that if people are thankful, blessings will increase day by day. However, if they are not thankful for God’s blessings, then divine punishment will come upon them. He then continues that the Days of Allah are signs and proofs for those who have two characteristics, patience and gratefulness. Patience refers to someone who is persevering and patient. Gratefulness refers to knowing the divine blessings and thanking God for them.” The Supreme Leader referred to the past two weeks in Iranian affairs as examples of the same verse and asserted, “The last two weeks that we have just passed through were full of extraordinary events: bitter events, sweet events, and events from which the Iranian nation should take lessons. What does the ‘Day of Allah’ mean? That is the day when the hand of the power of God is seen by human beings in events. That is when tens of millions in Iran and hundreds of thousands in Iraq and some other countries took to the streets to pay homage to the Commander of the Quds Force, forming the largest farewell (funeral) in the world. This was an example of a Day of Allah. What happened was not brought about by any other agent other than the power of God.” Imam Khamenei praised the day when the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps responded to the criminal assassination of General Qasem Soleimani by attacking a United States military base in Iraq as a Day of Allah and asserted, “We, the Iranian nation, witnessed the two days - when millions took part in the funeral of the martyrs and when the missiles hit the U.S. base - as Days of Allah. These days are turning points in history. They are days, which build history and not typical days.” The Leader of the Islamic Revolution praised the Iranian nation’s courage in powerfully standing up to U.S. aggression and stressed, “That a nation has the power and spirit to slap an arrogant, aggressive global power is a sign of God’s power. Therefore, that day too is a Day of Allah.” His Eminence added, “These days pass by; however, their impact on the lives of people and on the nations’ spirit, attitude and path remains. The influence of these days are lasting and at times eternal.” Imam Khamenei mentioned the miraculous, massive turnout in support of the Martyred IRGC Commander, General Qasem Soleimani and said, “We must identify the material and spiritual dimensions of this phenomenon. After forty-one years since the victory of the Islamic Revolution, which power has motivated this extraordinary, large crowd? Who roused the tears, love and passion? What could manifest such a miracle other than the power of God?” The Supreme Leader warned against ignoring Divine assistance in such incidents and stated, “Those who cannot see the power of God in these events and engage in material analyses stay behind. One should see the power of God. The spiritual and very important aspect of this event is that the Almighty God does this. When the Almighty God creates such a move in a nation, one feels that Gods will is to make that nation victorious.” Imam Khamenei asserted that the massive turnout for the funeral of the assassinated General is a declaration of adherence to the path set by Imam Khomeini and held, “This shows that if this nation moves on this path, it will be victorious. It also reflects the spirituality and essence of this nation: their love, loyalty, perseverance and great allegiance to the path of Imam Khomeini. The people manifested their allegiance to Imam Khomeini’s path with their presence. An allegiance of this magnitude of the people to Imam (Khomeini) was extraordinary, more than thirty years after the departure of the honorable Imam. This is how Imam Khomeini is alive.” His Eminence stressed that the martyrdom of General Soleimani once again disgraced the United States for having assassinated the champion of the fight against terrorism and declared, “This was about the funeral. The martyrdom itself is a sign of Divine power. It brought about disgrace for the U.S. government, the shameless government of the United States of America. They martyred the most prominent and most powerful commander in the fight against terrorism. Martyr Soleimani was literally the most powerful commander in the fight against terrorism in the region. He is well-known for this. Besides him, who had the power to achieve what he did?” The Supreme Leader further elaborated, “Martyr Soleimani would enter an area completely surrounded by the enemy by helicopter. There would be good, young men in the area who were alone, without a commander. When they would see Hajj Qasem Soleimani, they would gain spirit and motivation, and they would make the enemy retreat. Who can do such things?” His Eminence described the U.S. assassination of the Quds Force Commander as cowardly and added, “(He was) the anti-terrorist Commander of the whole region. They assassinated the strongest and most prominent Commander. They did not confront him in the battlefield. They assassinated him thievishly and cowardly. The U.S. government assassinated him. They themselves have confessed that this has disgraced them.” Slamming the mainstream media dominated by the Zionists for their trying in vain to vilify the Iranian champion in the fight against ISIS and terrorism, Imam Khamenei articulated, “A few days before and after this incident, the Zionist news empire around the world tried to accuse our dear, honored Commander of being a terrorist! The U.S. president himself, his Secretary of State, and Zionist news agencies all over the world repeated the idea that he was a terrorist! Yet, despite the attempts of the Zionist news empire, the Almighty God changed things in a way to give results exactly opposite to what they wanted. Not only here in Iran, but also in various countries, people saluted the soul of this great martyr and burned the flags of the Zionist regime and the U.S.” The Supreme Leader referred to the rare confession of the United States in openly claiming responsibility for the criminal assassination of the Iranian Commander and stated, “Prior to this incident, it was the Zionist regime who assassinated people. They assassinated the Hamas leader and claimed responsibility for it. They assassinated the leader of Jihad and declared responsibility for it. They assassinated individuals and said they had done it. The Americans killed a lot of people in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere. They killed as many people as they could, but they didnt confess that had done so. In this case, they confessed that they assassinated him (Martyr Soleimani). The U.S. President himself confessed. God Almighty made him confess. They admitted that they are terrorists. They said that they had assassinated him. This is an utter disgrace.” Calling Iran’s retaliatory measure in targeting a U.S. military base in Iraq as another heavy blow to the concocted dignity and artificial superiority of the United States, Imam Khamenei maintained, “The IRGCs strong response also deserves thought and contemplation. This Day of Allah, the extraordinary funeral and martyrdom of the beloved martyr, is one side of the matter. The strong reaction and response of the IRGC on the other side is also worthy of consideration. It was a blow to the United States. Of course, it was an effective military strike. However, more important than a military strike, it was a serious blow to dignity, a blow to the dignity of the U.S. as a superpower.” The Supreme Leader pointed to the many blows the U.S. has been receiving over the years while pursuing military intervention in the West Asian region and added, “The U.S. has been receiving blows in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Afghanistan for many years, blows from the powerful Resistance. However, this case was more important than all the previous blows. It was a major blow to their dignity. It was a blow to the sense of awe for the U.S. This strike cannot be compensated for by anything. Now, they announce that they will intensify sanctions, but that cannot make up for the lost dignity of the U.S. The powerful response had this effect.” Imam Khamenei described IRGC’s involvement in Palestine, Gaza and other parts of West Asia as a measure to counter enemies targeting Iran and stressed, “Yes, the combatants of the Quds Force go to Palestine, Gaza and other areas that need help, but they provide security for our own country. The enemy that the U.S. has equipped is not just targeting Iraq and Syria. It is ultimately targeting Iran, dear Iran.They created ISIS, not just for dominating Iraq. Their main and ultimate goal was Iran. They wanted to disrupt our security in our borders, our cities and our families in this way. They were stopped with the help of the faithful and dear youth who left and made this great effort.” His Eminence condemned U.S. officials who hypocritically claim to stand by the people of Iran and added, “The nation favors resistance; the nation favors resisting against the aggression of enemies. The American clowns who falsely and shamelessly say that they are standing by the Iranian people should see people as they actually are. Do those few hundreds of people who disrespect the posters of our honored martyr represent the Iranians? Or, does this huge crowd of millions who came to the streets represent the Iranian nation?” The Supreme Leader also stated, “Of course, the spokesmen of the villainous U.S. government repeatedly say that they are standing by the Iranian people. They lie. If you are standing by the Iranian people, it is only to stab them in the heart with your venomous daggers. Of course, you have so far failed to do so, and you will certainly continue to fail to do so.” The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution referred to the tragic incident of a plane crash last week saying, “The plane crash was a bitter accident that truly broke our hearts. The loss of the dear, young people and those who had come here from other countries was a truly heartrending event.” Imam Khamenei pointed out that the enemies of Iran secretly cheered the tragedy as they misused it as an opportunity to overshadow great achievements by Iran and stated, “As much as we were grieved by the tragedy of the plane crash, enemies were happy about it. They tried to question the Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic and use it to overshadow the great event. They were mistaken, ‘And they planned and Allah (also) planned, and Allah is the best of planners.’ [Qur’an 3:54]” The Supreme Leader blasted European governments for seeking to send Iran’s case to the Security Council, breaching their commitments as set by the Iran deal - the JCPOA and asserted, “Another action they did to overshadow this great event was what the three European states did. The vicious British government and the French and German governments threatened to send Irans case to the Security Council. After the U.S. withdrew from the JCPOA, these governments were making nonsensical remarks. I said I didn’t trust them. After nearly a year, it has been proven that they are truly the footmen of the U.S.” Imam Khamenei censured these European states for wishfully trying to bring the Iranian nation to its knees and held, “These abject countries - the UK, France and Germany - look forward to bringing the Iranian nation to its knees. The U.S. who was bigger than you, your master and your leader, was unable to bring the Iranian nation to its knees. You are not powerful enough to bring the Iranian nation to its knees.” Imam Khamenei described the European signatories of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action as terrorists dressed as gentlemen at the negotiating table by saying, “The so-called ‘gentlemen’ around the negotiating table are the same terrorists of the Baghdad airport. They are the same. The iron hand emerged from the velvet glove and revealed itself.” Imam Khamenei urged the Iranian nation to work hard towards fortifying their economy, science and technology as well as military power and emphasized, “What is the Iranian nations duty now? I sum it up in one statement. The dear Iranian nation should be determined to become stronger. The only way before the Iranian nation is becoming more powerful. Of course, power isn’t just military force. The country’s economy should be strengthened. An end should be put to reliance on oil. Scientific and technological growth should continue. The backing for all of these is the people’s presence.” The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution stated the following in the Arabic part of his sermon today, “The Iranian Army struck a counterattack, for now, devastating a U.S. base with its missiles and destroying the dignity and awe of the tyrannical, arrogant U.S. government. However, the main punishment (for the U.S.) will be expulsion from the region. The people of Iran, in tens of millions, manifested an unprecedented farewell (funeral) for the two great fighters for the cause of God. In many cities, the Iraqi people participated in the funeral for all of the martyrs in paying homage to them. In several other countries, people showed their sympathy with passionate turnouts too.”
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Imam Khamenei Speech
Friday Pray
The following is an excerpt of the statements his eminence made at this meeting: "The past two weeks were eventful and exceptional weeks. There were bitter and sweet events for the Iranian nation to take lessons from during these two weeks." "What does “Allah’s Days” mean? It’s the day when one sees Gods power in events. The day when 10s of millions in Iran and 100s of thousands in Iraq and other countries took to the streets to venerate Martyr Soleimani creating the world’s largest funeral. This is one of Allah’s Days." "The day when IRGCs missiles demolished the US military base in Iraq is also one of Allahs days. A nation having the spirit to slap a global, harassing, Arrogant Power in this way shows Gods power and is one of Allah’s Days." "After 41 years since the Islamic Revolutions victory, which power brought this unparalleled, massive crowd to the funeral of Martyr Soleimani? Who created these tears, love and enthusiasm? What factor could bring such a miracle other than Gods power?" "The shameless US government was disgraced by calling Martyr Soleimani a terrorist when he was recognized by everyone as the most prominent and powerful commander in the fight against terrorism. Which other commander could do the great things he did?" "The Zionist news empire tried to say our honorable General is a terrorist! The US’s President and Secretary of State repeated this. God did the opposite of what they wanted. Not only in Iran but in various countries, people saluted this Martyr and burnt the Zionist and US flags. "The US govt killed Martyr Soleimani, not on the battlefield but thievishly and cowardly. This abased the US. Before that, such assassinations were the Zionist regimes specialty. Now, US president says he assassinated Soleimani. God smacks some people to make them confess." "The IRGCs powerful response in attacking a US military base deserves reflection. It was a blow to the US. It was an effective military strike. More important and greater than a military strike, it was a blow to the dignity and awe of the US as a superpower." "For years, the US has been receiving blows from the Resistance in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Afghanistan. But, bombing a US military base was greater than these since it defied the prestige and awe of the US. They said they’ll intensify sanctions. This cant win back their dignity." "The Quds Force is an entity with lofty, human goals. The Quds Force looks everywhere and at everyone with tolerance. They are combatants without borders who go wherever they are needed to protect the dignity of the oppressed. They make sacrifices to protect sanctities." "The combatants in the Quds Force sacrifice their lives to assist the oppressed in the region. They help them to confront terrorism and Arrogance and push away the shadow of war, terror, and destruction from Iran and other countries." "With their turnout in the 10s of millions for Martyr Soleimanis funeral, the Iranian nation showed they support resistance against the enemy’s aggression. These American clowns lie in utter viciousness that they stand with the Iranian people. See who the people of Iran are." "Are the few hundred people who disrespected posters of Irans honorable Martyr General Soleimani “the people of Iran"? Or, are the tens of millions attending his funeral the Iranian people?" "The villainous US govt repeatedly says that they are standing by the Iranian ppl. They lie. If you are standing by the Iranian ppl, it is only to stab them in the heart with your venomous daggers. Of course, you have so far failed to do so, and you will certainly continue to fail." "The threat of the French and German governments and the vicious British government to send Irans case to the Security Council proved once again that they are the footmen of the US. These 3 countries are the ones who helped Saddam as much as they could in his war against us." "The German govt provided Saddam with chemical weapons to target our cities and frontlines, and its effects are still with us. The French govt provided Saddam with Super Étendards to attack our oil ships. The British govt served Saddam in every way too. This is how they are." "Even when these governments negotiate, their negotiations are mixed with deception. The same people who appear at the negotiating table - the same so-called “gentlemen” behind the table - are the same terrorists of the Baghdad airport. They just change clothes." This item is being updated...
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NCCA presents Persian calligraphy tableau
To further strengthen ties between Iran and the Philippines, a Persian calligraphy tableau was presented as a gift to the National Commission of Culture and the Arts (NCCA), and received on behalf of the agency by NCCA Chairman and National Artist for Literature Virgilio Almario.
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Winners of Manila Quran Competition Announced
The Iranian Cultural Center in the Philippines announced top winners of a Quran recitation competition held at the Blue Mosque of Manila.
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