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Psychological consultancy conference held for Iranian students in CEU


Dr. Sima Ferdowsi, a family consultant and clinical psychologist was a guest of the cultural section of Iran embassy in Manila. She, with the cooperation of cultural section, embassy of the Islamic republic of Iran -Manila (CSEIRIM) held several conferences in Manila to address possible psychological issues facing expats and international students.

The first conference of its chain, kicked off in the auditorium hall of the cultural section in Friday Nov. 17th. In this conference which addressed Iranian expats and businessmen, Dr. Ferdowsi opened about the correlation of prayers with the inner peace, and how inner peace could reduce the tensions imposed by ones surroundings and reflection of her method of tension reduction on ones daily life.


The next conference was hosted by the Centro Escolar university (CEU), college of dentistry where Dr. Ferdowsy gave almost an hour long lecture on how to be excell in studying abroad and in the meanwhile, manage to remain physically and psychologically healthy. The lecture was delivered in Persian language addressing Iranian students whom are taking mostly dentistry courses in this university. Dr. Pearly Lim, the dean of college of dentistry greeted Dr. Ferdowsi and the Iranian counterparts who brought this conference into being, and extended her wish for regularly having such events.

Dr. Pearly Lim, Dean of college of dentistry at Centro Escolar University (CEU), Manila.






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