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Birth Anniversary of Imam Hasan al-Askari
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Philippines' Cultural Festivities
Event Time
Enero January
National Art's Month February
Women's Role in history and world
theater month
World Dance month April
Heritage month May
National book Development
And world enviroment month
Brid Month Water Month
Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation month
Harvesting Month


National language month
Sta. Domingo Month
Buwan ng kasuotang Filipino
Clean up the world month
Indigenous Peoples month
Museums and Galleries month
Library and information service month November
Filipino values and Human Rights month December
New year 's Day January 1
3 Kings Fest January 6
Black Nazarin Fest January 9

Ati Ati han Fest

3rd. Week of 9 January

River Fest January 19
Cebu City Fest Last Week of January
Chines New year
China Town
January 21- Febrary19
Edsa One Revolution Febrary 25
Holy Thursday March 24
Good Friday March 25
Fernansis Baltazar Birthday April 2
Araw Ng Kagitingan Bataan Death March April 9
Bataan National Day April 19
Labor Day May 1
Mulud - Ulnabi May 1- 7
Carabao Feft May 1- 14 & 15
Flower Fest May 1- 30
Sto. Cruzon May 1- 30
Antipolo Shrine May 1- 30

Independent Day (1947)

June 4

Independence day(1898)

June 12
Sta. Jhon Fest June 24
Water Ways Fest June 28-30
River Fest in Pateros & Rizal July 1-29
Harvest Fest July 1-30
Iytas Dance Fest August 1-7
Lanuval Fest August 9
Virgin De Turomba Fest August 19
Public Call August 26
Jesus Kingdom August 31
Sando Van Fest September 10
Pena Ferancio Fest September 16
All Saints day
All Souls Day
November 1
Angogotaven Fest November 22
Bonifacio day November 30
Virgin Merry Fest December 8
Pagsanjan Fest December 12
Night Praying December 16-24
Christmas big Fest December 24
Christmas Day
Ponaloyan Fest
December 25
Nostra Serady Goeya December 26
Rizal Day December 30
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