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Cultural Section

First Commencement Exercise 2015 – Al-Mostafa International Institution of Islamic Education

On May 21, 2015 the First Commencement Exercise 2015 Al-Mustafa International Institution of Islamic Education was held in the hall of the Cultural Section - Manila in the presence of Ali Asghar Mohammadi Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Hojjatul Islam wa al-Muslimin Dr. Sayyad Hashim Mousavi, the President of the College, Dr. Mansour Limba founder, author, researcher and president of the Shajaratul Montazarien Association and Head of Education of Al-Mostafa International Institution of Islamic Education, Hujjatul Islam wa al-muslimin Sayyad Ali Akbar Abinal, Head of Imam Ali(AS) Mosque from Marawi city and the Board of trustee of the Institution of Islamic Education, Imam of mosque of Imam Jafar Sadeq (AS) Tanza- Cavite, graduated students from al-Mustafa, students from first to third batch of Al- Mostafa, school teachers of Islamic Republic of Iran in Manila, Iranian, Filipino and Sudanese Muslims. In this graduation ceremony, after reciting of the Holy Quran, one of the graduated students with tearful eyes and a heart full of sadness and happiness stated: Weve already graduated on this day, in the birth anniversary of Imam Hussein (AS), together with a heart full of love for Islam and Muslims and the family of beloved prophet (p. b. u. h.). He said: on behalf of all the students, I would like to emphasize that the Dr. Sayyad Hashim Mousavi was a prophet for us. He worked with all the problems which he encountered, but he painstakingly educated us like his own children. We should be thankful from Allah that he was sent here. Iranian Ambassador to the Philippines after congratulating the students, counted their responsibilities and said: you have a big responsibility in your life now. Whatever you have learned, you have to implement it to your life first and then teach others, which is the harder part of your life span. Dr. Limba head of education greeted the graduated students and said: may Allah’s shadows be with you and I wish you all the best in your life. Hojjatul Islam wa Al-Muslemin, Akbar Abinal, the Board of Trustees of the Institute in his short message congratulated the students and said: after five years of toil, I know it was not easy to earn a degree, then try not to lose what you have obtained for all these years. Dr. Sayyad Hashem Mousavi the president of the Al- Mustafa International Institute - Manila Branch, with emotional feeling and fatherly love started his speech and expressed: My dear students, I wish best of everything for you in your life. This is most probably is the best day of your life. This graduation day would be very memorable for all of you and also for me. He explained to the audience the memories of the five years of hardship and joy. He appreciated all who has helped him in this journey, specially the ex. Ambassador Roozbani and his Excellency Ali Asghar Mohammadi the Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran. At the end, the President of the College hanged the ribbon of the graduated student’s hat from left side to the right side of each student during the graduation ceremony as a sign of graduation and during this move, the audience brought about load cheers to encourage them for their achievements.

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