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Iran and its Beauties
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Exhibition of the Iranian woman artists in the Philippines

With four woman national artists of the different art disciplines, the Cultural Section of Iran hosted the exhibition of the Iranian woman artists in the Philippines.

With the different art dischiplines namely carpet weaving, wood crafting, calligraphy, miniature and sculpting this exhibition was one of the biggest, most liked and most welcomed art exhibition that the Cultural Section of Iran in Manila has conducted in the current year.

Artist who brought their limited finished products with themselves, exposed their art to the enthuthisastic Filipino and art loving audiences.

The concept of these arts were centered around Islamic aspects, although some were merely reflecting the nature, portray of human and alike.

This exhibition was held in three different places, starting with the central office of cultural section, a two day open exhibition in the Rizal Park in Manila and the Philippines Women"s University (PWU).

Many of the students welcomed the conducting of such events and it is anticipated to have regular exhibition with any of the Philippines institutions in the  near future.

07:46 - 16/03/2018    /    Number : 701303    /    Show Count : 476

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