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Iran’s Cultural Day: Creating a humane world through art

These events, which feature works of renowned Iranian artists, aim to present the Iranian culture and civilization to the Filipino audience so as to strengthen and deepen the existing cultural bond between the two countries.

The first in the series, Iran’s Cultural Days: Inauguration of Activities of the Friendship Society of Filipino and Iranian Women, Inc. (FSFIWI), was held on July 24 in the National Parks Development Committee Archive Gallery and Museum at the Rizal Park, with the support of no less than the Director of the National Parks Development Committee herself, Penelope Belmonte, who is also the president of FSFIWI.

The calligraphy exhibition featured the artworks of renowned Iranian calligrapher Dr. Tandis Taghavi who is the Head of the Iranian Calligraphy Association in Manila. An expert in Nastaligh calligraphy and the first woman to do calligraphic inscriptions of the verses of the Holy Qur’an, Taghavi who is the wife of Jafarimalek is also the vice president of FSFIWI.


Among those featured in her calligraphy are verses from the Holy Qur’an, the famous Letter of Imam Ali a.s. to his governor Malik al-Ashtar, and poems by the famous 14th Century Iranian poet Hafez. Her artistry and skill that is imbued witha true artist’s feeling, mind and philosophy, as according to Filipino National Artist Rene Robles, prompted him to say that, “Calligraphy are art pieces that portray emotion through their colors and composition as the lines in writing develop into a philosophy of artwork that becomes meaningful to any viewer as word transforms and becomes art.”

With concern for the needy an integral part of the Iranian culture, the inaugural program started off with a feeding session where people at the park were treated to a delicious snack of chicken rice porridge. Taghavi also handed over to the NPDC, as donation, 12 of her art pieces to be sold, proceeds of which will be spent for the feeding program.

From the beauty of writing as shown by the expert hand of the calligrapher, another exhibition that highlights the beauty of nature as captured by the camera of a talented Iranian couple was held at the Orchidarium Gallery of the Rizal National Park in Manila led by photo exhibitors Zahra Hozoori and Mehdi Taghavi at the Orchidarium Gallery of the Rizal National Park in Manila.

These two young athletes who are also artists by heart, recorded these scenic views during their trips to different parts of Iran, thus giving the Filipino audience the chance to see the varied picturesque images of God’s gift to the Iranian nation. Their photos highlight the unique nature of their country with its various climatic conditions and varied historical and cultural sites. Through the lens of their camera, Hozoori and Mehdi Taghavi are able to provide the people of this country the chance to contemplate on God’s greatness as reflected in the beauty of nature captured in their photos.

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