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روابط عمومی رایزنی فرهنگی جمهوری اسلامی ایران مانیل

Iran celebrates National Day in Manila

The Celebration of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s National Day at Dusit Thani Hotel–Manila on February 8 was launched with the presence of the political, cultural and religious luminaries of the Philippines among them Secretary of Finance Carlos Dominguez 3rd and foreign diplomats from other nations.

The celebration was done alongside the Iranian handicrafts and calligraphy exhibitions and workshops.

In his message to the participants, Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the Philippines Mohammad Tanhaei emphasized that Iran continues to pursue its “Look East” strategy following its cooperative policy with the international system. Accordingly, last year, Iran has officially adopted the Treaty of Amity and Cooperation (TAC) as a step further in its close cooperation with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean).

Iran Embassy Cultural Counselor Mohammad Jafarimalak (second from right) leads the cultural event with calligraphist and Vice President of Friendships Society Filipino-Iranian Women Inc. Tandis Taghavi.

“Iran is keen to strengthen ties with the East Asia and to give a hand to solve regional problems such as terrorism, drug trafficking and piracy. Also, Iran’s role in confronting ISIL in the Middle East region, as well as Iran’s commitment to non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and nuclear weapons is known to everybody. Our assistance to the Iraqi government and International Community in defeating ISIL as well as Iran’s adherence to JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) are just some examples,” Tanhaei declared in his speech.

According to him, the relationship between Iran and the Philippines have always been stable and very friendly, as it has been based on a people-to-people and mutual understanding. He added that the basis of Iran’s foreign policy toward the Philippines is built on the idea that both nations want to live in peace and security.

“We would like to strengthen our economic ties and cultural engagement as well. In this way, we will provide more opportunities for economic development and friendship for both nations. There are great scientific, literary and artistic capacities to be considered, such as cooperation among artists, musicians, athletes, scholars, members of scientific boards, students and those who actively participate in an interfaith dialogue. Those are being addressed as a huge source of inspiration and friendly relations,” he pointed out.

“We share similar concepts and experiences in contemporary culture. Concepts such as democracy, self-reliance, independence, freedom, denial of colonialism, make up the common ground of our social and political understanding,” Tanhaei continued.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran cherishes 55 years of friendly diplomatic relations with the Republic of the Philippines and welcomes the expansion and promotion of bilateral political, economic and cultural connections, in close collaboration with the Filipino Government. I would like to express my thanks and appreciation to the Iranian community, Iranian businessmen and students for their active contribution on promoting friendship between the two nations and countries,” he concluded.

In the end, Tanhaei with the other dignitaries cut a friendship cake symbolizing the friendship and cooperation between the two great Asian nations of Iran and the Philippines.

Various personalities, including Dominguez, took part to the calligraphy workshop facilitated by Dr. Tandis Taghavi, an Iranian artist and vice president of the Friendships Society Filipino-Iranian Women Inc., which exercised this ancient Iranian manuscript.

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