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NCCA presents Persian calligraphy tableau

To further strengthen the ties between Iran and the Philippines, the Persian calligraphy tableau and an accompanying exhibit was presented at the NCCA office in Intramuros, Manila.NCCA Executive Director Rico Pableo Jr., Iranian Ambassador to the Philippines Mohammad Tanhaei, National Artist for Literature and NCCA Chairman Virgilio Almario, Vice President of the Friendship Society of Iranian Filipino Women Inc. and the President of Iran Calligraphers-Manila Tandis Taghavi, and Iran Cultural Counsellor Mohammad Jafari Malak.

To further strengthen ties between Iran and the Philippines, a Persian calligraphy tableau was presented as a gift to the National Commission of Culture and the Arts (NCCA), and received on behalf of the agency by NCCA Chairman and National Artist for Literature Virgilio Almario.

“We understand that this beautiful artwork will somehow help us to understand better the culture of the Iranian people,” NCCA Executive Directot Rico Pableo Jr. said in his opening remarks.

“To celebrate this pleasure of bringing your artwork here, presenting how important and great your culture is and artistic in the Persian world — you made history in our own place. We hope that this will continue to be presented not only in this office, but throughout the country to make the people understand the Iranian people and the culture of Islam,” he added.

To help start a conversation of diplomatic ties through the arts, the tableau was created by Tandis Taghavi, vice president of the Friendship Society of Iranian Filipino Women Inc. and the president of Iran Calligraphers-Manila. Apart from the tableau, other calligraphy works were also presented at the NCCA lobby through an exhibit.

“I wholeheartedly appreciate Rico Pableo and his collaboration with my husband, the Iranian cultural counselor Mohammad Jafari Malak for making this day possible,” expressed Taghavi, during her remarks.

“This beautiful day brings closer together the two great nations of Iran and the Philippines. I would like to share that my husband and two daughters really love the kind-hearted people of this nation. The time spent in this beautiful land composed of religion and art have already developed and grown in the past years with the Lord and support of our ambassador.

“Calligraphy is so famous in Iran’s art. Iran has a rich culture and civilization but you also think of the rich palettes, architecture, and also calligraphy because they are [bonded] so tight together,” Taghavi told The Manila Times in an interview. “Persian calligraphy is different from other Asian calligraphy because we use bamboo to write with ink and paper.”


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