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birth Anniversary of Imam Ali(as)....
Congratulations on the Auspicious Birth Anniversary of Imam Ali(as).......
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Mashhad City - Iran
The Sixth Festival of Razavi Year Book
The themes for the selection of the "Best Book of the Year" on Imam Reza(as):
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Tehran - Iran
call for Participation
The National Library and Archives of the Islamic Republic of Iran(NLAI)...
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Imam Khomeini English Portal
Imam advised women to follow footsteps of Hazrat Fatimah Imam Khomeini the great religious and spiritual leader of the Muslim world frequently highlighted the divine virtues of the holy divine lady and advised all women around the world to the footsteps of the holy prophet’s daughter.
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Call for Papers on The First International Conference on Contemporary Islamic Movements: Theory and Performance Muslim Brotherhood and Aligned Islamic Movements
The Institute for Humanistic and Cultural Studies (IHCS) is planning to hold from 27-28 April 2013 (Tehran, Iran) an international conference on the contemporary Islamic movements in the Greater Middle East. The conference intends to address these movements, at both levels of theory and performance, in order to arrive at a deeper and more sophisticated understanding of their impact and role in the on-going developments in the Muslim countries of the region.
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Call for Papaer
The Philosophical thought of murtada mutahhari
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Call for Paper
The 9th International Conference on Mahdism Doctrine
Please find the attached file as Call paper of the 9th international conference on Mahdism Doctrine. The holder of conference is Bright Future Institute, a nonprofit Iranian research center in the city of Qum works on messianism in general and Mahdism in particular.
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English Books
Short Description for The Heirs of the Prophet Muhammad A wonderfully vivid history of Islam after Muhammads death - and the sequel to Rogersons acclaimed THE PROPHET MUHAMMAD Full description
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Chapter Five Trends in Economic Factors
Introduction: Manpower and capital are two traditional factors for production. In addition to these two, human capital and idea are two new factors for production. Human capital is created and accumulated by investment in education (higher education and healthcare). The accumulation of human capital through higher education was already discussed in the second chapter.
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Farabi International Award
The Iranian ministry science research and technology ....
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Call for Paper
Institute for Political & International Studies Call for Paper The 21st International Conference on the Persian Gulf : The World in Transition Geopolitical Developments in the Islamic World & the Persian GulfI.R.Iran, Bandar Abbas, March 5-7, 2013
Dramatic changes that have taken place across the Arab World since the emergence of Islamic Awakening and pro-democracy movements near two years ago continue to impact the region and the world. Different aspects of this phenomenon are still unclear and series of new developments are unfolding. The Persian Gulf states while affected by the current events, are striving to take role and shape the developments accordingly. Any assessment and evaluation of various dimensions of these developments and their impact on elements of power and stability in the Islamic world and the Persian Gulf in particular, requires synergic scholarly and scientific thinking on the issue.
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Condolence The Passing Away Anniversary of Holy Prophet Muhammad(PBUH), Martyrdom of Imam Hassan(‘A) and Imam Reza(‘A)
28 Safar marks the sad demise of the Holy Prophet Muhammad and the martyrdom of his elder grandson, Imam Hassan Mujtaba and Imam Reza(‘A). On this occasion a short biographical overview of the three noble characters will be given here. Prophet Muhammad(p.b.p.h.), the last Prophet and Messenger of Allah(God).
 06:58 - 14/01/2013 - Comments : 0More >>
Persian Language Course Cultural Section of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran – Manila
Cultural Section of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran-Manila)#448-EDSA GUADALOPE VIEJO, MAKATI CITY, M. M( will soon open Persian Language Class at Cultural Section. The interested parties, particularly Iranian children who is residing at the Philippines may enrol in this course.
 05:33 - 07/01/2013 - Comments : 0More >>
Cultural and Artistic Competition On the occasion of 10th Fajr and the victory of Islamic Revolution of Iran,
A competition with the theme of: Islamic Iran, Independent and development will be held on the month of Bahman (Solar Calendar)(January 21 - February 19), which is synchronized with Anniversary of the glorious victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran.
 05:30 - 7/01/2013 - Comments : 0More >>
Ayatollah Khamenei: Insulting any symbol adored by Sunnis is forbidden
Supreme Leader of Islamic Republic, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, issued a statement which has gladdened Sunni world around the world.Iran’s supreme leader has slammed any kind of offence against the holy tokens of the Sunni world.“
 12:57 - 04/01/2013 - Comments : 0More >>
This is your community…
Historic fatwa of Ayatollah Seyyed Ali khamenei, Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution.
When a lot of sedition was likely to be cast in the Islamic society, this fatwa was the oil poured on troubled water arousing the admiration from several Islamic scholars’ particularly Sunni scholars besides stirring wide range of positive reaction in the world of Islam especially our Sunni brothers.
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Significance of Arbaeen and the Performance of the Ziyarat of Arbaeen
Imam Hasan Al-Askari (AS) includes the performance of Ziyarat-e-Arba’een as one of the five marks for a believer, in addition to reciting 51 raka of sala, audible recitation of Bismillah, wearing a ring on one’s right hand, and doing sajda on dust. (This hadith has been narrated by Sheikh Tusi in the book Tahthib). Why is so much importance given to the performance of the Ziyarat of Arba’een and the observance of Arba’een (40 days of mourning)?
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